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 John Rambo

“Rambo is a hero of the United States Armed Forces. He has many medals earned from his days serving in the Vietnam War. These medals include four Purple Hearts (a medal awarded for battle wounds), four bronze metals, two silver stars, a Distinguished Service Cross, and a Congressional Medal of Honor. Rambo was born in the small town of Bowie, Arizona. He is a medic, helicopter pilot, special forces soldier, light weapons specialist, and a reconaissance trooper. Rambo is still alive, and is currently programming Delphi applications at Lunds ProgramArkitekter. A software company specialized in strike-team solutions.



 Brandon Walsh

"Brandon started his career in the early 90's as an actor in the famous '90210'. He soon became tired of the superficial life of downtown Los Angeles, and for a shorter period he tried several other careeres (singer, producer, etc). Eventually he began to travel the world, looking for peace of mind.. In the upper regions of the Himalaya he met Hans Lissborg (Senior Partner at LPA), who tought him the ancient secrets of Borland Delphi 6." He has been with us ever since..

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